Connecting storage devices allows for detection, but not for interaction

Hello, been enjoying the service for about a month now with an Android server and a Windows client.

However, today I tried to connect several different storage devices to my server (ADATA external HDD, and a couple USB 3.0 drives from Kingston and SanDisk), and while they are detected and in use on the VirtualHere client, for some reason I am not able to find them in either Device Management, Disk Management or File Explorer.

It would help me a lot to find a way to solve this, given I'm running out of space in my current VM.

So, thanks in advance!


When using them via virtualhere open Windows "Device Manager" from the menu View->By connection look for "VirtualHere USB 3 eXtensible Host controller" and see if they are listed there. If they have a huge amount of files or directories on them they may take a while to appear