Asus Rog Monitor / Router / LG TV


Hope you can help, I'm trying to have a remote based PC but then need to have a wirless keyboard, mouse and games controller locally.

Virtual Here seems to make the most sense in terms of being able to use but not sure if I can get natively to any of the devices to act as the server.

I have in the room which have USB connections

- a Asus ROG 34 monitor which has a USB hub built in which is what I'd prefer to use
- Asus RT-AX88U router

Are any of these options?

Alternatively, I do have an nVidia shield but this wouldn't be ideal needing to be on all the time or can run a USB over IP cable to the location, but again need to then have a USB hub each end potentially?


If you can ssh to the RT-AX88U router then you should use that as the usb server.

1. ssh to the router
2. wget
3. chmod +x ./vhusbdarm
4. ./vhusbdarm -b


Awesome! Thank you so much

There seemed to be some lag/stuttering in the playing of the game - would this be caused by the virtual here? It fifa19 so servers are difficult to test anything with!


When using VirtualHere have a look at the latency. (Right click USB hubs->About->Statistics) see if its low and consistent.

The CPU in that router is pretty fast so i don't think it would add much latency its probably the WiFi latency mostly.


This worked the first day, but now doesn't seem to show in the client any more? Any thoughts about why or what I can do do fix?
I've tried re-doing the ssh commands.

Did some network adjustments yesterday with wiring, but nothing which should effect the system I don't think. The PC is temporarily connecting by wifi rather than ethernet is the only different but still on same SSID.

Appreciate the help.


Sounds like its not running on the router anymore.

run ps | grep vh

does that show the process running?


Yes, I think so - this is the return:

6183 smartman 3184 R grep vh
29920 smartman 4800 S ./vhusbdarm -b


OK in the virtualhere client, right click USB Hubs->Specify Hubs and put the ip address of the server (router) in there


That's great - worked thank you. Is there a way to make this 'persistent' so it runs always? Either as a service on the router or a batch file which auto runs?

I have a further question if you can help? I'm trying to get VirtualHere to run on my window server with a connected headset (this part works fine) - but then I want to be able to see that device in a VM Virtual Box instance of HassIO (Home Assistant).
HassIO can see a usb device plugged in but can't see a virtual box enabled one.


I've got the HassIO part working but stopping and starting the device and then restarting the HassIO implementation, not sure why that's needed each time?


Passing through a USB device twice is not really supported so if you can find a work around for that, thats good..

Regarding the auto-startup usually linux on an embedded device uses init.d scripts , (

In the start() function put /vhusbdarm -b (or change path to where your vhusbdarm is if its on in the root directory