Access denied

I get an error message when I try to connect to a raspberry pi from one of my machines:

17:25:23 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
17:25:23 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, access is denied. (0x00000005)

Raspberry is working fine if I use another machine and connect to it

The machine that's not working is a W7 x64

Client 1.8.0
Server 1.6.4


Not sure why this is occuring.
However best thing is to reinstall the drivers. To do this.

0.Make sure VirtualHere Client is not running
1. Start -> Control Panel -> Programs And Features
2. Uninstall vhusbd and vhhcd drivers from there
3. Reboot the machine
4. Run VirtualHere again and it will reinstall the drivers


I tried to uninstall and reinstall without success... I get error message "Hub failed to open error, access is denied. (0x00000005)"" What does it mean?


I tried that, still the same issue, "Hub failed to open error, access is denied. (0x00000005)"

Also tried to remove host with your program, rebooted, started virtualhere, drivers are installing, then error access denied, rebooted again, still access denied


OK, could you run vhui64.exe as administrator rather than just run it normally.
I.e right click on the file in explorer or on the desktop and select 'Run as Adminstrator"


issue is still there when running as admin with the very last version...

11:07:09 INFO :VirtualHere 1.8.3 starting (Compiled: Nov 11 2013 20:11:58)
11:07:09 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\Mathieu\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini
11:07:09 INFO :Starting Windows Lookup...
11:07:09 INFO :Windows Lookup started
11:07:09 INFO :Starting Manual Lookup...
11:07:09 INFO :Manual Lookup started
11:07:13 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
11:07:13 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, accès refusé. (0x00000005)


Yes, same issue for me, access is denied even when running as administrator


I just then installed a new copy of windows 7 64-bit and downloaded virtualhere from my website and ran it with no problems. I also run virtualhere on my development win7 64-bit everyday.

So i think your computer has some setup issue or something blocking the CreateFile call which virtualhere uses to connect its GUI with its kernel driver.


indeed, I have another Win 7 Pro 64 bit computer where the same client / server combination is working...
so this must be configuration related. It used to work on this very same machine... I don't know if it comes from a new client version or what...

Is there a way you can instrument the client to investigate depper ? I tried disabling antivirus + firewall without sucess so far


Download 1.8.4 this will display the exact function that is giving the access denied which might help narrow the issue down.


It indeed seems to be related to CreateFile call
are the arguments this call fixed in your code ? could they be displayed to compare between the working and not working machines ?

15:24:38 INFO :VirtualHere 1.8.4 starting (Compiled: Nov 14 2013 21:51:39)
15:24:38 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\Mathieu\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini
15:24:38 INFO :Starting Manual Lookup...
15:24:38 INFO :Manual Lookup started
15:24:44 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
15:24:44 ERROR :CreateFile failed
15:24:44 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, accès refusé. (0x00000005)


issues still there with server 1.6.6 on rasberry pi and client 1.8.5 o W7 64bits

if that can help, when using a device from the other working computer, the "in use" status is correctly reflected on the GUI side of the computer that fails using the device...

That's really strange that even with admin right, the CreateFile call fails...


Do you guys run another usb virtualization software on that same machine?

Sometimes there can be a conflict if other virtualization software tries to get control of all usb host controller drivers in the system


I'm actually running vmware on my machine. Will disable and see if it works.


I uninstalled vmware, rebooted but still get the "Access denied" message. Don't think it has to do with vmware...


OK, i updated the windows client to 1.8.6 and made a few small changes to the driver install part.

Could you download and see if this works better for you.



about virtualization software : VirtualBox was installed, does not solve by uninstalling.
It is installed also on the machine where I have no issues.

As for the 1.8.6, I experienced no error at install time, but when I tried to use a device for the first time, it want installing again the drivers, and the issue is stille there, with slightly different trace in the messages :

15:12:15 INFO :VirtualHere 1.8.6 starting (Compiled: Nov 20 2013 23:06:42)
15:12:15 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\Mathieu\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini
15:12:15 INFO :Starting Windows Lookup...
15:12:15 INFO :Windows Lookup started
15:12:15 INFO :Starting Manual Lookup...
15:12:15 INFO :Manual Lookup started
15:12:19 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
15:12:19 INFO :CreateFile failed
15:12:19 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, accès refusé. (0x00000005)


Could you download version 1.8.7 and try that i have updated the driver installation to specify security parameters in both virtualhere drivers, whereas previously it was just in one of them. Im not sure if it will fix it but its worth a try.


still no luck...

19:07:07 INFO :VirtualHere 1.8.7 starting (Compiled: Nov 22 2013 00:08:35)
19:07:07 INFO :Using config at C:\Users\Mathieu\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini
19:07:07 INFO :Starting Windows Lookup...
19:07:07 INFO :Windows Lookup started
19:07:07 INFO :Starting Manual Lookup...
19:07:07 INFO :Manual Lookup started
19:07:10 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
19:07:10 INFO :CreateFile failed
19:07:10 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, accès refusé. (0x00000005)
19:07:28 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
19:07:28 INFO :CreateFile failed
19:07:28 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, accès refusé. (0x00000005)

if you think it is usefull, I can grant you a teamviewer access on the given machine...


It seems that virtualhere is conflicting with another USB virtualization drivers that is installed on the machine :


Under the hardware manager, it appears at the very bottom as USB Virtualization item
deactivating it (right clivk + deactivate) do solve the issue described on this thread (for my case at least)
I don't know when this other driver was installed nor what software uses it...

Is the a way for virtualhere to avoir conflicting with it ?



Thanks for the feedback mpeyrega, i thought it was something to do with another virtualization software.

I took a look on google and vpcusb.sys seems to be Microsoft Virtual PC USB virtualization driver. My guess is that it trys to intercept every USB Host Controller Driver on the computer and that includes the VirtualHere USB host controller driver. For some reason this then prevents access to the driver directly which virtualhere client requires. I dont know why vpcusb.sys driver blocks access. I run virtualbox on my development machine all the time and there is no conflicts between that and virtualhere....


I can confirm that it is also working for me when I disable the USB Virtualization from HW manager.