Issue with the new Ryzen 3000 with Windows 10


I have detected an issue with the x64 client for windows (I don't know if other versions are affected).
I use vh client for windows 10 1903 64 bits connected to an Android server.

I have analyzed that the client prevents the new Ryzen processors to enter on idle state because it makes "Outstanding Timer Request"

If you open powershell and launch this command:

powercfg /energy /duration 5

then open C:/Windows/system32/energy-report.html, you will see in the warning section (on yellow) the "Outstanding Timer Request", and one of them is always vhui64.exe

The consecuences are that the CPU never enter sleep mode, so the voltage and temps are always high.

Chrome and other apps have fixed this. Check this article:…

Could you please check and fix this? Thank you.


Thanks for letting me know about this! I have now fixed it in 4.8.6 of the client available from

(Only if you use EasyFind then that high-resolution timer needs to be used)



I already had disabled EasyFind but with the old version the CPU was always running. I have tried this new one and it seems that it's already fixed. Thank you!