Just purchased through Steam Store... client on windows pc is telling me "The server trial has expired"

Just wondering what I need to do to rectify this.


well. nevermind. for starters it appears your not supposed to run the client on your pc. Steam is supposed to handle that.

Best i can tell anyways.

Ive closed the clients on my pc, then started the steam link app on the shieldtv. I can see the virtualhere section. But it says no USB devices are being shared.

Need a little help as im a few hours into trying to get this working and the frustration is setting in :P


mmm, after a restart of the shield, it picked up the controller and when i started streaming i heard the little (usb device plugged in) jingle that windows does, but the controller wont do anything.

Looking at my pc in devices and printers, its there and when i click on it
This device cannot start. (Code 10)

{Operation Failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful.


OK your getting there :) Now what controller is it?


What controller is it? Is it an xbox controller? If so you need to use the wireless adapter for that. Otherwise most other controllers should just work.


yea half the time the steam link app doesnt even detect that a USB device is plugged in to begin with.

I tried opening the VH app and setting "stay awake" and "open on boot" to no avail. Just freshly restarted with those settings, opened the steam link app - and under the virtualhere setting "no usb devices detected" and as such, no client opened on the pc. (which considering my last 2 posts, wouldnt wouldnt work anyhow) but one step at a time. Trying to get it seeing a controller all the time, then I can worry about the controller actually working.

tried with a DS4 and an Xbox One S.


OK yes unfortunately you will need the xbox wireless dongle. If you dont have that then get a refund from valve for virtualhere for the time being.


Hi Michael, Thank you again for the response(s).

So is virtualhere basically no good for "plugged-in/wired" usb devices? Aka its better used for things like wireless bluetooth dongles and wifi/RF dongles?

I had hoped to use it if the case arose for the former of course, but also to circumvent steams control limitations or being forced to map through steam for a lot of emulators. Nevermind controllers that steam simply doesnt support.

The controllers in question I attempted were the Dualshock 4 and the xbox one S. Both were wired. The xbox gave the error I linked and kept connecting and disconnecting, the DS4 showed as connected , but had a yellow exclamation point saying it couldnt start in device manager.

Either way, both rarely show up in the steam link app/virtualhere settings which is what concerns me the most. Its almost random regarding whether they show up as connected or it shows no usb devices connected.