My Passport crypt

Hi ,

I am using a lot of My passport SSD devices ( exFAT ) that have on board encryption / lock. When I plug it in ( Mac / Windows ) there is on the drive a piece of software on the drive that let me insert my password and then i am able to use the drive. But , when I plug the drive into a VirtualHere server ( I.E. Qnap nas ) it does not work. If I run that piece of unlock software locally on the virtual here client ( Mac ) It say that there is no compatible drive found while I see it attached to my nas. Any advise ? It would be nice to share a usb device that will be crypted / locked once it is pulled out in order to prevent the data on it from being stolen.


I dont think that is compatible with virtualhere because its a special type of disk that has several modes and the normal disk functions are not initially there.