Virtualhere on Xiaomi / Wemax projector

I am about to buy a Xiaomi / Wemax laser projector. Pending question for me to pull the trigger is whether it will support USB passthrough via Virtualhere. I believe there will be two questions:

1) Can I even install virtualhere app? The projector does not come with the Google Android store, but instead with the MIUI store. I assume I could sideload the Virtualehere APK though? Is my understanding correct and would this be possible? Assume someone must have tried with the Chinese Mibox before, which I'd assume has the same challenge?

2) If I can install the Virtualhere app, is there anything else that could prevent me from running virtualhere?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


Hi Steve, not sure sorry.


Thanks for your note. Let me give it a try. Where could I download the APK? I believe I'd need this to sideload?