Mac Client Not Working On MacBook Air


i have a mid 2011 macbook air running maverick that is not able to run your client. all it does is show a loading beach ball after it announces that virtual here drivers will be updated upon running of the client.

pls assist.

PS: my other mac mini running maverick is able to work.



Is there anything in the console log? There will probably be some messages in the Console log under osx?

I use virtualhere on my macbook air 2013 and it works fine so i think its a setup issue...


Actually thinking more about this, i think its because in the last build i changed the installer to call sync in the setup script for the driver.

Could you do the following.

1. Reboot your mac
2. start terminal and type "sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/vhhcd.kext"
3. type "sync"
4. REboo tyour mac
5. Run the virtualhere client again.

In the meantime ill update the osx installer in the next build to remove the call to sync which i think is getting stuck.