Bluescreen with Xbox Wireless Adapter (Steam Link)

Hello and thank you for reading my post,

I have set up my Steam Link and bought VirtualHere (+ Unlimited DLC) and everything works fine except when I share the Xbox wireless adapter and try to connect a controller. Just as it (the controller) connects the PC has a BSOD (irql_gt_zero_at_system_service). I have tried it multiple times and the connection is stable even with the adapter shared but only when I connect the controller it chrashes...

Thx in advance



If possible could you email me all the files under c:\windows\minidump to mail [at]


After I searched for this problem I wanted to look into the dumps myself but there are none.. it's really wierd.


Does it say what driver caused the crash in the bluescreen, sometimes its written near the bottom of the page next to (irql_gt_zero_at_system_service)?

Does it say vhusb3hc.sys?


It doesn't say anything just the error but no specific driver...


What exact pc model do you have? Is it AMD or intel and would you know the cpu model?


i am on a z97m-d3h from gigabyte with an i7-4790k (little bit overclocked if thats a problem)


Could you try turning off the overclock as that could be the issue, its very unusual for windows to not properly create a minidump or show the driver error name


Oops... no minidump was my fault :P i always reboot instantly and don't wait until it finished... I mailed you the minidump.


Thanks for that, yes i will try to reproduce this issue tomorrow to get a large memory dump if i can get it to bsod. I havent changed anything in virtualhere for a few years regarding the driver so im not sure whats changed. Taking a look at your minidump shows the mt7612us driver involved in the stack, maybe microsoft updated that driver, anyway ill have a look on my machine


@Thyranix, i heard back from timdemand (the previous poster) and he reinstalled windows and the problem is fixed.

I tried reproducing the issue with my xbox 360 wireless dongle+controller, and my xbox wireless dongle+xbox controller and did not have any issues.

I think the next thing to try is to repair windows (reinstalling windows is quite drastic) try the repair functionality…