Frequent server crashes

I installed VH on a Raspberry PI last week to share data from a weather station. Everything was rock solid for about five days, but recently the client has started dropping the connection several times an hour. I've attached the log messages from the latest crash below. The cycle of messages is repetitive, with the same series of six lines over and over.

21:57:13 INFO :Server ping timeout, shutting down connection 0...
07:50:06 INFO :handleReadHeader error End of file (
07:50:19 INFO :Server ping timeout, shutting down connection 0...
08:01:24 ERROR :(VProtocolHandler) no handler function for msg 1
08:01:24 ERROR :(VProtocolHandler) no handler function for msg 1
08:01:34 INFO :handleReadHeader error Connection reset by peer (
08:01:49 INFO :Server ping timeout, shutting down connection 0...

In this case, the server crashed last night and I restarted it this morning. The PI is configured with a static dhcp IP and manually configured in the client, which is an OS X server. The PI network connection seems to be stable, as I have no issues connecting to it for anything else.

I've also set the HubTimeout variable for a 5 second timeout. Contents of /root/config.ini are as per below:

ServerName=Raspberry Hub
DeviceNicknames=Weather Station,1941,8021,112

Any ideas what might be at issue here?


Yes i have seen this issue before. What i think is happening is there is memory corruption in the pi. I have traced some of it to the USB hubs driver in the raspbian kernel, that corrupts the memory after a while. To solve this issue while they fix the kernel you need to restart the pi about once per day. If you autoconnect the client it will reconnect automatically to the pi. Also be sure to update the rpi-firmware regularly via hexxeh's utility, you can see the fixes to the usb subsystem here


Thanks. I will try updating the firmware this week.

Unfortunately the program using the usb device doesn't handle the disconnect gracefully. Simply letting it reconnect isn't going to help me as I'd still need to be at the machine to restart the program every time it crashes.


The beaglebone black is more reliable than the pi. that doesnt have driver bugs and is really stable. That is another option