Install VirtualHere-Service on Windows client with GPO scripts

<p>Currently, installing VirtualHere with Windows GPO scripts fails, because of UI messages being shown (or at least they try to).<br />
Is there any command line switch to supress these messages?
<p>My script currently looks as follows:
<p>SET setuppath=%~dp0<br />
xcopy %setuppath%vhui.ini C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming /d /Y<br />
start %setuppath%vhui64.exe -u<br />
start %setuppath%vhui64.exe -y<br />
start %setuppath%vhui64.exe -d
<p>What I would like to do (silently without user interaction, the script runs as "SYSTEM"):<br />
- remove old service<br />
- remove old drivers<br />
- install drivers<br />
- install service
<p>Thank you for your help.</p>


Yes use the -r argument


Thanks a lot, I will have a look. So far, there still seems to be UI interaction (can be seen in task bar while running the script manually), but we'll see if it works.


Thats not my message, its coming from windows or something


I said, it looks "LIKE" this. This is not my screenshot as I am out of office and using a mobile device to post here.
The path in my message dialog points to the vhui64 executable.


Yes but its windows saying that, its probably because you are installing it from a network drive and it needs admin permissions to run the driver installation.

Copy it to the c temp directory then run your script. Dont run it from a network drive


It's already running from "D:\VirtualHere".
The script first copies the executable, then starts it with the parameters written in my first post.

Thank you for your fast help.


Thanks marko, thats more helpful being in english.

Basically dont install it as system, install it from an admin user account.


Actually, there is no dialog in session "0".
I will have a look into this, but as far as i know, GPOs always run as system.