Android App not working while charging USB hub

<p>Everything Runs great - i have a USB Hub in my Android phone connected With 3 USB ( Mouse etc.) My Hub has a seperate Port only For charging my Phone while the Hub is in the phone. But when it charges, the app ist Not working anymore. No Mouse or Keyboard detected. When i Take Out the charging cable it works again. Ist there a solution for this?</p>


what is the hub model name, do you have a URL to the product description?


OK this is not related to virtualhere, it seems to be a hardware specific issue. I was searching reviews for that hub and found this one (note the way the its powered)

"Bought this for myself and as a gift for Christmas, couldn’t get the Dex to work straight away but realised after a lot of searching that it much also be plugged in to power for the dex to come on, we are using ours with the Samsung S10, plug the little wire that’s on the grey box in to your phone, then a hdmi cable from the other end of the box to your tv, and a usb c plugged in next to the hdmi and in to a power source and the DeX comes straight on! Then you can plug usb devices in to the little box, I plugged a usb in which my wireless keyboard and mouse connect to with no issues"


Id really like a source with out buying a million hubs
I use a quest 2 wirelessly and need to charge my device and stream usb camera data over to my pc wirelessly for getting facial tracking live in game. What hub do you recomend?


Sorry i dont know which hub


I have my RealMe 7 Pro Android phone plugged into an Anker 7-in-1 USC-C Hub. With that I could plug in my Samsung T7 SSD and turn on the phone's OTG option and it worked fine. I could even add a CFExpress card to the USB-A port of the hub and I could read and copy files from the card to the SSD just fine. BUT as soon as I plugged in a charger into the USC-C PD (Power Delivery), the card and the ssd drive were no longer visible,

Using them without PD caused quite a drain on the phones battery.

What I found was that if I unplugged the hub from the phone, turned of the OTG and then turned on the OTG once again and THEN plugged the USB-C hub WITH ALL the devices ALREADY attached, then it all worked perfectly. So for me, this solved my problem. Hopefully if anyone is looking for a solution maybe this might help. :-)


Thanks for the tips Paolo!