3Dconnexion Space Pilot Remote via Virtual Here???

With the current conditions of things there are a lot of we mechanical engineers working remotely. We run Inventor but many others run SolidWorks or other 3D design software. At work we have 3Dconnexion SpacePilots and many of us have them at home, too. Other have taken theirs home with them. We log in remotely using SolarWinds Remote Control which works great except for one thing.... no 3D mice. To put it in perspective, not having a 3D mouse for CAD work is like everyone using the arrow keys rather than a mouse. That would be rough and so is this.

I am running Windows 10 Pro at work and at home. Right now I can zoom in and out with my SpacePilot but that's it. I installed the VirtualHere Server on my workstation at work and rebooted. I installed the VirtualHere Client on my local computer and everything seems good but the only thing my SpacePilot does is zoom in and out which is what it did without VirtualHere running.

If you guys can get us a way to make this work I am sure there are thousands of others out there in the same boat.

Any and all help would be great;y appreciated.


I am in the exact situation as above comment.
Any help would be appreciated.

The alternative is a $200 dollar program for potentially a 1 year subscription


I have the USB Network Gate trial working fine, but it costs $225 CDN ($160 USD).
At $50, I'd much prefer this option


Yes if you can use remoteFX go ahead and use that, ill keep and eye on that forum to see how it goes for you guys. If it still fails on remotefx ill take a look at seeing what the issue is with virtualhere.

@I_am_sh. you are running the server and client on the same pc which you dont do. you need to run the client at the remote side (your office) and the server at the local side (where you physically plug in the mouse)


Thanks for replying. When I run the server at home, where mouse is plugged in, it tells me "USB server is running". Then I run the client at the remote site, my office, it shows "USB Hubs" with no devices listed. When I did it the other way, I at least saw the 3D mouse, that's why I thought it was correct.
In this setup : Server at home, Client at work : What am I missing so that I can recognize the device?

I am also going look into the RemoteFXin Windows RDP option


OK yes it wont automatically find each other.

In the virtualhere client right click USB Hubs->Specify Hubs-> add

then put in the IP address of your home pc.


Okay, I've done that.
Server running on home computer.
Client on work Computer,
USB Hubs > Specify Hubs... > Add (home IP address)
Right now, my IP address stays as a drop down from the USB Hubs for about 15 seconds, then goes away for 15 sec. continuously. Is it trying to connect with no luck?


OK you are probably behind a router or something like that and using a NAT.

Have a look here https://www.virtualhere.com/node/893

basically you need to open port 7575 in your router and then make sure to specify your external IP address (not something like 192 or 10.) OR use the easyfind vpn


And with that, we have gone past my ability to dig any further. Thanks for the help Michael, I will pass this onto our company's IT guy.
P.S. I was unable to get the RemoteFXin Windows RDP option working either.


If the client doesn't see the server on the network , check IP adress of computer you're connecting from on the target network with ipconfig (run it on the host computer, there should be two adapters visible, one of them is address in home network and the other is your address in VPN - you're interested in the latter) and type it in "Specify Hubs". You may need to repeat it for each session of VPN if it's set to dynamic IP