connection problem

I can not get to a Raspberry with virtualhere, I get this in the log:

23:21:20 INFO :VirtualHere 1.9.2 starting (Compiled: Dec 6 2013 23:21:43)
23:21:20 INFO :Using config at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Application Data\vhui.ini
23:21:20 INFO :Starting Bonjour...
23:21:20 INFO :Bonjour started
23:21:20 INFO :Starting Manual Lookup...
23:21:20 INFO :Manual Lookup started
23:47:21 INFO :handleConnect error Aucune connexion n'a pu être établie car l'ordinateur cible l'a expressément refusée (

what to do?
thank you


Port 7575 is probably blocked by your firewall.

Try an ping and see if you get a reply


good evening
ping works, I have no error.
I think it is related to the firewall, I'll watch the AVG firewall software (antivirus and firewall).
I thought it was rated Raspberry, that the ports do not open etaits.
I'll let you know
Good evening.


I still have the problem: the target computer refuses the connection
I disabled my antivirus and firewall
I'm server pc with windows 7 64bit and customer virtualhere
or can come to the problem?
do you have any ideas?
thank you


Fred im thinking that the virtualhere server process may not be running on your pi.

Make sure that virtualhere server is actually running on your pi. ssh to your pi and type ps -ef | grep vh and see if it lists the process there.

If its not running type sudo ./vhusbdpi -b to make the server start and run in the background


Actually the server on the pi was not started.
Problem solved, it works very well
thank you for your help