SingStar USB adaptor through VirtualHere

My use case is the following.
I use Nvidia Shield TVs in my 3 living area and use Nvidia Gamestream for PC based gaming. The PC is in a closed cabinet away from the 3 living areas.
I have a SingStar USB adaptor and have used the trial license of VirtualHere server (Tried this on both a remote Linux and Windows PC) to inject the USB device into the the Gamestream PC server.
I see the device on the Gamestream PC under device manager, but no matter what I do I can not get the microphone input to come through into windows (works fine when the USB adaptor is directly connected to the PC).

Has anyone been able to get the SingStar USB adaptor to work through VirtualHere (for things like UltraStar/Vocaluxe etc)?
If not has anyone found an alternative?