Issue with VirtualHere

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the VirtualHere client on Windows to connect to my ArchLinux VirtualHere server. I'm attempting to set-up game streaming with Splashtop and would like to eventually use a USB gamepad controller to control games on the remote Splashtop server. A person on the Steam community forums claims to use VirtualHere for that very purpose. I understand that this product is only meant to support Ubuntu and some other specialized distributions but I seem to have gotten the software to launch after installing a few libraries and creating a symbolic link to point to Arch's udev. It prompts for a sudo password then loads a dialog window with the text: "Server Running".

As a test, I plugged in a flash drive into the server computer.

On the client side it says "Connecting to USB hub..." and then after a few seconds disappears then reappears.

"Connection Information" says this:

STATE: Connecting
ADDRESS: arch.local.:7575

The log file says this:

13:20:56 INFO :connect select timeout to arch.local.:7575

I've also disabled Windows Firewall just in-case that was doing it.

Any ideas?


I think you should turn off auto-find and just hardcode the IP into the client. To do this

1. Right Click USB Hubs -> Auto-Find and turn off auto-find
2. Right click USB Hubs -> Specify Hubs and click the + and type in the IP address of your arch server.


Thanks admin, simply doing that fixed the problem.

Now I have my PS3 DualShock 3 controller working in my streaming setup via a wireless Bluetooth USB dongle, that VirtualHere seamlessly passed over the network. Nice product!