VH Server on ARM based Mac (Apple M1)

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I didn't find anything on this topic. So I was wondering, if VH Server would work on ARM based Mac (macOS 11.1+). I tried installing it, then an error message came up, saying the developer has to "adjust" something.

Here are my two questions:
Is there a work around, to make VH Server work on Apple M1?

After it looked like it started the macosx driver(?) installation process, until the error came up, I am now wondering if there are drivers or other files "left" on my system (from the interrupted installation). Where would if find those and how could I delete them? Just want to make sure those "wrong" files, drivers don't temper with the system until VH is released for Apple M1+ :)

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I bought a new Mac Mini M1 yesterday for testing. I cannot yet get the virtualhere server (or client) running on it but im investigating at the moment...

(There are no drivers left on the system because they couldn't be installed due to that error.)


Alright, that sounds promising.

Looking forward to an arm compatible version! :)

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Glad to hear M1 support may be coming. Virtualhere has been the cornerstone of allowing work-from-home to proceed while maintaining access to various USB license keys. As more people move to the M1 based Macs the ability to connect to our VirtualHere servers has been broken.

Happy to help test any new builds as we've got a fairly diverse Virtualhere setup involving Win/Mac/Linux platforms and both LAN and WAN connected clients through VPN.


Thanks for the offer ill let you know when a beta arrives


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I just read on another thread, that macOS 11 bigsur support is up & running! :)
But i guess that doesn’t change the situation on ARM based Macs? :)

Maybe you can let us know here as well, when a (beta) version becomes available?!

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When a beta arrives, I would like to join testing the VirtualHere client on a M1 Mac using a Windows Insider Preview ARM64 VM in Parallels Desktop Technical Preview.


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any update on the progress yet? Did you get the chance to start working on it yet? :)
Looking forward
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No, i will write on here when its ready.


Perfect, many thanks, can’t wait to use it again! :)



The latest VirtualHere USB Client version 5.1.6 works on the M1!
Thanks Michael for the great work!


OK i think you are talking about the Windows ARM64 client (via parallels), yes. (Not the virtualhere client for osx M1 at the moment unfortunately)

I spent some time and got it working. Seems to work quite well and also sorry i forgot to say that actually the virtualhere server works on the M1 now as well. (It does require a few reboots and to turn SIP off)

So you can do USB pass-through..


Hi Michael,

thanks for the update.
So you are saying macos bigsur 11.3 and with that little “hack” i will be able to run vh server on the Apple M1?

What exactly does “turn of SIP” mean?
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Thanks for your update! :)
To verify, once i turn SIP back on, VH Server will stop working again?
Do you know if that “bug” is a known issue to apple, and what chance are they will fix it in the future?

To be honest i feel i little uncomfortable deactivating one of apples security features for good! :)
I’d rather wait for an “official” solution i guess?!

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OK sure you can wait until its fixed by apple, i suspect they will fix it soon because its quite a major bug. It shouldnt need to turn off sip to enable kernel extensions like this.


Michael, you are right that in my reply #12 I was talking about the Windows ARM64 client (via Parallels on M1).


I hope Microsoft allows Windows 10 ARM64 on macs natively as it will be quite useful as the M1 is really fast...


Hi, I'm wondering if/when VirtualHere will release DriverKit drivers for Big Sur, so that it wouldn't be necessary to disable SIP. As I understand it, drivers such as USB drivers should no longer be written as Kernel Extensions (that would require disabling SIP), but rather as DriverKit extensions that live inside a host application. See here for details.


Yes actually I'm working on that right now, should be ready in a week or so.


Uh that sounds awesome, looking forward to that! :)
If you can, i would appreciate a quick info here, when it’s ready!? Many thanks,
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OK the beta is ready which doesnt require any kernel drivers and will run directly on the M1 and also on Intel 10.15 or later. (No need to disable SIP)

The only limitations which apple has made is that USB Audio devices (Including any device with audio e.g a webcam) cannot be redirected. And also USB Bluetooth/wifi adapters cant be redirected.

Can you try this build and let me know if it works ok for you ...



Hi Michael,

many thanks. Just got the chance to test-drive the latest server on my M1 MacBookPro 11.3. and it Runs flawlessly! :)
Many thanks, that made my day!!!

Please keep it up,
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Great im glad its all working for you. Thanks for letting me know


Hi ! And thanks for all the work !

I recently bought an M1 macbook air, and the client won't install the drivers (SIP disabled, minimum security enabled in recovery, many reboots done...)

Log :
2021-04-30 11:55:26 INFO :No drivers installed, I am installing new ones...
2021-04-30 11:55:27 INFO :Using OSX 10.9+ driver
2021-04-30 11:55:38 INFO :Installed driver is now version
2021-04-30 11:55:38 ERROR :IOIteratorNext = 0. com_virtualhere_vhhcd is not correctly registered in the kernel, please reboot and try again

Are you planning to update it for sillicon ?

Thanks, and have a great day !



Yes the client on big sur is not (yet) supported, it will be eventually


you are doing a great job thank you

are any updates on this big sur problem
currently I am working with a Mac mini M1 running Big Sur 11.5
the VH server is 4.3.0
error message with client driver installation:
2021-05-26-15:59:53 ERROR :IOIteratorNext = 0. com_virtualhere_vhhcd is not correctly registered in the kernel, please reboot and try again

reboot did no help

Thank you


The client is not yet supported on big sur but will be in a month or two...


I'm also available for beta testing on AppleSilicon and various intel machines on macOS 11 and 12 Beta.


OK thanks, yes this is a thread about the virtualhere server for Apple BigSur M1 which is fully supported already.

If you want to keep updated with the *client* for big sur please subscribe to this post https://www.virtualhere.com/content/mac-os-support