Pi Zero Resets after every reboot

I have a Pi Zero with the cloudhub-pi0w-factory-sdcard image. It boots fine but every time I change any settings it reboots and restores to default. I'm using a 64gb microSD card that's been tried and tested with many other rasPi images on other pis. I emailed virtualhere and they said i needed to buy a license to fix this behaviour which i did and yet it forgets the license and restores factory settings on each reboot.

I know it's going to be obvious but what am I doing wrong?




Can you try a smaller card e.g 16GB Actually wait a bit, there does seem to be an issue keeping settings...ill investigate and get back to you


OK this should be fixed. Download the image again from this website and write it to your SD-card


Hi, thanks for the updated image. However networking is fundamentally broken following making network changes. Initially I wanted it to join my network and it wasn't appearing so i dug deeper and did the simplest test:
1. flash the new image and boot it on the pi.
2. Connect to the wifi hotspot it creates.
3. check what I'm given by the pi's DHCP with ipconfig in windows. all looks good (, DNS server, gateway etc etc)
4. Change just the SSID by adding an extra letter and apply (it reboots).
5. The new SSID appears, connect with the same password as before as that's all that's changed. (takes a while)
6. Check what's given for ip from dhcp - nothing DHCP appears to not be working.

Thanks for your help with this, in the interim do you have an old working image I can use?



OK strange, i will investigate this further...i dont have an older version


Ok download again. Seems openwrt had some bugs in it. I have updated it to 21.02.0-rc3 and tested your scenario and many others and it works fine on my pi0w so i think it should be ok now.


Thanks, that's all working as expected now!


I didn't keep a copy of the old image and I just corrupted the sd card when moving the pi. I've reflashed with the latest version from the website but it's broken again.
Flash image
Change anything (password, SSID)
it reboots. Everything is reset and password and SSID are default


Actually i havent changed the image in the last 8 months since your post, as i didnt want to break it. I did the following to confirm its still working, as it was back in June

1. Downloaded the cloudhub image for the pi0w from here
2. Formatted the SDcard entirely using Windows Disk Manager. Deleting any partitions so its then formatting in fat32 and UNchecking Quick Format so it is completely erased
3. Used win32diskImager to write the img file downloaded and extracted from the zip file in 1.
4. Booted the pi0w, it appeared in the virtualhere client after i joined the CloudHub_xxx network. then i changed the name of it and configued it to join the local network.
5. It joined the local network and i pulled the power plug from the pi0w and then waited a bit and it came back again as it was with the settings held.

Could you try that


Thanks for getting back to me so fast.

I suspect I have a collection of faulty micro SDs. I found the old working image in my chrome downloads folder.
I wrote that to three microSDs but it didn't work on any. I bought a new microSD (Sandisk Extreme Pro) and wrote that and it worked fine.

For due dilligence I noted the version you host on your site isn't the same exact file that was there 6 months ago although the version number's the same the modified date and image file size is slightly different but presume you just regenerate as part of a release pipeline.
To be helpful I've rewritten the one on your site a few times to micro SD and verified and all looks ok but when I boot i still get issues. I'm wondering if my MicroSD USB writer is damaging the cards though, but after doing it 5 times and it now won't even boot, i'm giving up on that image. It worked for you so it's surely my issue, I'll stick with the older image.

Anyhow TLDR version, thanks for looking in to this, apologies it seems to have been my side and hope you had a nice weekend.