Virtualhere client paramaters on Linux

I have a license for my server already. It works great connecting to it with the GUI.
I am unsure of how the parameters are specified for command line

jiggl@jiggl-Virtual-Machine:~/Downloads$ sudo ./vhclientx86_64 -t list
VirtualHere Client IPC, below are the available devices:
(Value in brackets = address, * = Auto-Use)

USB Hub (ubuntu:7575)
--> Pixel 3 (ubuntu.11141)
--> Digilent USB Device (ubuntu.1113)
--> STM32 STLink (ubuntu.11144)
--> Digilent USB Device (ubuntu.11143)

Auto-Find currently on
Auto-Use All currently off
Reverse Lookup currently off
Reverse SSL Lookup currently off
VirtualHere Client is running as a service

However how do I connect to only one device?

I tried:

jiggl@jiggl-Virtual-Machine:~/Downloads$ sudo ./vhclientx86_64 -t "use ubuntu.11141"
ERROR: Unknown IPC request "use ubuntu.11141"


(You dont need sudo) and you missed a comma

./vhclientx86_64 -t "use,ubuntu.11141"