Provide option for Virtualhere server to forcibly grab USB device

Hi Michael,

I am running into a problem that I think I have seen posted here a few times,
- Windows 10 client/server
- Server has Xbox 360 controller

I can't get it working because of the error:

"ERROR :Cannot capture device because it is currently in use at the server. Please exit the program that is using the device, then try again."

I'm not touching the controller while this happens and nothing seems to be using it. I tried disabling Xbox Game bar, turning off Steam, anything that might use the controller etc. I have seen you post this a couple times regarding this:

"Virtualhere won't grab the device if something is using it"

Seems like a good default, but can you provide an option on the server so I can use it?



Stop and exit the virtualhere server then download and try this build instead

(See below instead)


I'm trying this BETA because I had the same issue. The client marks my usb microphone as if it was working, but there's no audio interface on windows. This is the server log:

2021-07-06 16:06:03 INFO :Found High speed device [1235:8210] "Focusrite, Scarlett 2i2 USB" at address 3
2021-07-06 16:06:03 INFO :Device 3 [1235:8210] BOUND to connection 4
2021-07-06 16:06:03 INFO :AbortPipe GetOverlappedResult failed, Element not found. (0x00000490)


Hi, I'm having the same issue with a Saitex X-56 Flight Stick & Throttle. I tried the beta but no luck.


Yes this bug is fixed and the server will be updated in about a week on my website.


Hi -- is there any update on this issue? It looks as if the server hasn't been updated yet. Thanks!


Hi, yes sorry i havent released yet because i was busy with some OSX development, and sometimes it causes some support issues when i release the server which i didn't have time for. Anyway Here is the file im going to release… You can download that and give it a try and it should resolve the in-use problem.