Licence expired


I bought the Android Server license on my Shield TV in the play store. Next day it tells me it is expired. Pretty expensive for one day.



Sorry about that! I have to use google billing now due to Googles new rules for apps, its pretty annoying. There might be a bug in my integration. I shall investigate now...

Start the virtualhere app, in the virtualhere client when Android Hub appears could you right click on that and tell me your serial number


OK seems ok from my side, in the virtualhere server app, click on the menu at the top right and select System Messages->Copy to clipboard, is there some way you could paste those messages into an email to me? Sorry about this, i was hoping the billing transition would be smooth. My server is saying and google billing is saying the server is licensed fine...


OK I think i see the problem, did you purchase virtualhere from the play store on a particular android device, and then try to use the virtualhere on another android device?


No, I purchased it on the device I want to use it on. Also if I click on "buy a license" it will tell me that I already own this product... After a couple of reinstalls it worked again for a short period of time.


OK i found the bug, can you uninstall and reinstall the virtualhere app one last time, and it should be fixed now