Raspberry Pi Zero W cant see wifi network.


Tried many sd cards and 3 different Pi Zero W but all variants fail to show wifi network. Pi boots up and blinks led, then led goes solid but still no wifi available. Any suggestions on what can be the issue?


Works fine for me. Just tested the image again. You must be doing something wrong.

1. Download the pi0w cloudhub image from https://www.virtualhere.com/hardware
2. Put an SD-card into your pc and then extract the zip file downloaded in step 1.
3. Use win32diskimager to write the extracted img file to your sd-card
4. Put the sd-card into the pi0w and turn it on
5. Wait about 10 seconds and a CloudHub_xxx network will appear in your wifi available networks on your pc.
6. Connect to that wifi using the cloudhub66 password