Raspi Server / Mac Client / USB Soundcard recognised but not working

Hi all,

I am running the Server on a RasperryPi, and the client on an iMac.
Attached to the RPi is a USB sound card (no-name product), and I can see it in the client and activate it, but the Mac doesn't recognise it as SoundCard....any ideas ?

the connection as such works fine, for example when I connect a USB Mouse to the RPi, it works flawless on the Mac(client)
Any help/hint is highly appreciated !

Thanks in advance


A sound-card wont work at the moment, it will in Big sur or later at some point soon...


Hi Michael, thanks for the fast answer !

If you need someone for beta testing….i volunteer.

Would it work with a USB headset ?



some further comments:

I have a USB headset connected now to the RPi, it still doesn't show in the Mac as sound device, but in the client and the controls on the headset work as control on the Mac (mute, volume +/-, sound off)


Is there any roadmap to solve this problem (Raspi Server and macos Big Sur client) or does anybody know a workaround?


The client for OSX is almost ready. It's about 90% complete, actually I'm waiting on Apple for a few fixes, maybe within a month it will be ready