Openwrt + additional usb to ethernet problem

Hi there

I am running small TP-Link AC750 on OpenWRT with current version of vhusbdmipsel

Device has wifi + usb + lan port.

On LAN is used for internet connection + office lan.

On USB port i have USB to Ethernet DUB100 which is connected directly to separate device.

Within the office i am able to connect via client to Openwrt and install drivers for DUB100.
Connection works perfect with device connected (via USB/DUB100).

***My problem starts when i want to do that remotely / via internet.

I connect to server - i map USB device - Get network connection mapped to my windows 10.
I can PING device >> but i have NO connection to SSH port or ANY port.

I have added all ip addresses to iptables (just in case) but over the internet i am not able to do any connection to my device connected via USB end.

I am trying to stay away from VPN/tunnels.

Any ideas or directions ?

Thank you!


Also one more note

with wireshark - i am able to see MAC address and IP of the device at the other end.

I did set that device as GATEWAY (ip) also ... same problem...


No sorry i dont debug network issues.

VirtualHere just works on port TCP 7575 only (and UDP 5353 if you use autofind) so you need to make sure that is accessable.