USB Devices not being detected... rpi0 server


Just discovered VirtualHere .. nice concept and had it working and now... NOT.

I installed on rpi0 the server with:


I added to rc.local to start on boot just before exit 0 : /home/pi/vhusbdarm -b &

rebooted, and the server seems to be running as expected.

running Windows 10/11 client . It discovers the server after the rpi boot.

I place devices into the rpi0 via a USB adapter to micro USB, however they are not discovered.

What is very strange is that it was working yesterday, quite well. I plugged in various USB thumb drives, and two different RF Keyboard dongles.

They all worked perfectly, the keyboards responded quickly as if directly plugged in to the PC I was using.

I ordered a 4port Hub Hat for the rpi0 from Amazon, should have it tomorrow . 3d printed a case for the package. ready to go.

Now it doesn't work. ?

What can I do to check that the server is functioning properly?


the USB ports are dead on the rpi0 in question.

put the sd card in another rpi0 and it's working again.

Yesterday before I shutdown, I noticed the rpi0 was VERY hot. USB devices as well.
something took out the USB ports on the rpi0 !

everything else is fine with it. ??? just no USB working.