Failed to enumerate drivers when selecting, No more data is available. (0x00000103)

VirtualHere Server: Windows Server 2012
VirtualHere Client: Windows 10 pro
Server and Client are in different private networks, routing is working.

- Starting up the VH Server under an Admin role
- Starting up the VH Client under an Admin role
- Client instantly finds the Hub and connects
- All 6 USB devices are listed correctly
- Manually selecting "use this device" on device no. 6 (Syncrosoft eLicenser dongle)
- Instantly failing with with the client error messsage: "There was an error using this device."
- Server is also reporting an error in the log files: "Failed to enumerate drivers when selecting, No more data is available. (0x00000103)"

2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :>>> Starting VirtualHere USB Server v4.3.2 (Built: Jun 23 2021, 17:38:05)<<<
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Using configuration C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\config.ini
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Server licensed to=unlicensed max_devices=1
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Listening on all network interfaces at TCP port 7575 (IPv6 dual-stack)
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Found High speed device [1058:0820] "Western Digital, My Passport 0820" at address 1
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Found Full speed device [046d:c52b] "Logitech, USB Receiver" at address 2
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Found Super speed device [0bc2:ab38] "Seagate, Backup+ Hub BK" at address 3
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Found Full speed device [046d:c52b] "Logitech, USB Receiver" at address 4
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Found Full speed device [1b1c:0c08] "Corsair Components, Inc., H80i v2" at address 5
2021-08-11 22:32:59 INFO :Found Full speed device [0819:0101] "Syncrosoft, eLicenser" at address 6
2021-08-11 22:33:05 INFO : connected as connection 1
2021-08-11 22:33:25 ERROR :Failed to enumerate drivers when selecting, No more data is available. (0x00000103)
2021-08-11 22:33:25 ERROR :Error binding device 6 [0819:0101] to connection 1, BIND_ERROR

I uninstalled/reinstalled and restarted client and server a couple of times. Also in removed/plug-in the USB stick a couple of times. Nothing changed the behaviour.

Any idea what the problem could be here? It somehow sounds as if the VH Server could not access device 6. A pointer/index problem? I just saw that "[046d:c52b] "Logitech, USB Receiver" is listed two times, one time enumerated 2 and the second time 4. Could that lead to a corrupt enumaration somehow?


Additional test from a Win8.1 notebook as client.
Connection can be established from client to server and USB device can be set to "In use by you".
eLicenser Control Center can read the license files on the stick, but not perform any further actions.
Cubase does not start, the application idles for quite a while in the background and finally pops up a couple of Alert windows saying "An unknown interapplication communication error occured. ...." and then existing Cubase. No errors logged on the server side.


- Downloaded beta version
- Stopped and quit existing USB Server
- Started beta version as Admin
- Error message:

"Failed to install the server driver. Pelase see the Windows Event Viewer->Application Log->VirtualHere USB Server"

In the event log:
"Server Driver Install->Error (result 1) adding VBoxUSB to driver store, Incorrect function. (0x00000001)"


Actually windows 8.1 is not supported, its too old. Use windows 10 or server 2016. Im also going to remove support for 2012 very soon. its also too old


- "Old" version (4.3.2) does start without error messages

The Server the VH Server is running on is Windows 2012. Did i get it right, it's supposed to be supported with 4.3.2?
The problem on the client site also exists on Windows 10 pro build 19043.1052 (first client i tested). Win8.1 i just used for another test, but i don't acutally need the VH client there.


Yes basically the existing server works on win2012r2 but it's not on your setup for some reason, which I'm not going to debug further because I'm not going to support 2012 anymore soon.


If i got it right, DSM 5.x is not supported (i also got an old Synology 710+ here, but it's not supporting DSM 6 and higher)?
So I probably would have to go for a Pi. Is there a specific Pi version to prefer?


Pi4 is very good