Suddenly not recognizing Rollo Printer

Current set up:
Nvidia shield connected to rf controller and Rollo printer.

Has been working great for last 2 years and all the sudden stopped working 2 days ago. it recognizes the rf controller just fine but printer not. Tried different USB ports and cables.

Any help would be appreciated.


If nothing has changed in 2 years then suddenly does it usually means there is either

1. Some driver update somewhere. E.g did you update your printer driver or something, perhaps that somehow changed it?
2. A hardware issue. Does android popup a dialog asking to use the printer?

In the virtualhere server app, click on the menu button at the top right and select System Messages. Look through there and see if it mentions your printer. If you can copy that log to the clipboard (copy) and then paste into an email to me mail [at] i can look through it for you to see what the issue might be