AVR Dragon -> RPi -> Mac Air 2013

Hey there,

I am planning to use VirtualHere to connect all my programming devices (for example AVR Dragon) and development boards through a hub to my raspberry pi and through that to my Mac. I have tried today to connect the AVR Dragon and to read the flash memory from a microcontroller. My issue is that if I take my Mac there and connect the USB cable directly to it, it works, if I connect to it through VirtualHere (it is discovered and seen in OS X), avrdude (the programming software) just hangs and doesn't do anything. Any ideas? If all the tools I plan on using would work I would like to hook them all up to a hub and use a licensed version of VirtualHere.

I do realize that you probably don't have time to actually test all USB devices, but if you have any clue as to why it might not work it would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Sebastian, do this:

1. In OSX -> Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Console -> Save a Copy as...
2. Send that to mail [at] virtualhere.com, ill see if that contains any error codes.