Any new ideas on using SDR with VirtualHere over Wifi?

I am hoping to be able to use VirtualHere with my SDR (a Nooelec NEDSR Smart...basically the same as an RTL-SDR) over Wifi. I can get it to work, but the audio is quite garbled. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4 as the server, and Windows 10 as the client. Has anyone come across any ideas/fixes/hacks that can make the audio come through better? I'm really trying to avoid using a wired network connection...perhaps the new Wifi 6 standard might help? I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give.

I'm not a programmer, so please respond using simple words. :)

Thanks in advance...


The issue with wifi is that there will always be more latency (slowness) than ethernet cable because wifi has interference and needs to avoid cross-talk. USB cannot buffer data so this is why network latency is so important, and the lower the better.