Client not showing Latency link beside Adress field

Hi I have my virtualhere Server running on a Synology NAS sucessfully for years now.
My windows Clients ( Win7 and Win10 ) working very good on several laptops and desktops over a VPN connection, Keysight dongle, IAR dongle, Pulsonix dongle.
All of them working smoothly.

My problem is a new installed audio production system which is running Cubase11 Pro on Win10, so I had to add the eLicenser dongle.
I know that latency can be an issue, so I wanted to compare with the latency monitor under Server Properties.
But to my surprise, on the new system the client is not showing the Latency Link nearby the Adress field, however all other clients on the other systems do.

What can be the reason, that this client is not showing this link?

I really need to find out about the latency, because cubase is starting extremly slow on this PC ( however fast on another one, with the same setup ).

Best wishes,


Yes the reason is the client is running as a service. You must stop running the client as a service (USB Hubs->Uninstall Service) then run it normally.