Steam Link Hardware Virtualhere not automatically installing on host?

So I purchased Virtualhere and the DLC on the Steam Store for the Steam Link Hardware device. I have 4 USB devices set to share. When I start streaming I am able to use 3 of my 4 USB devices (Mic, Keyboard, Mouse), but my SD Card reader does not show up. I see it on the Steam Link, I just do not have access to it. I think though that the problem is that Virtualhere is not actually installing. I have nothing running in the bottom right, no install notifications, and nothing running called Virtualhere.

I'm really confused as to what I could be missing. I'm going to be using this for remote desktop primarily and would love access to USB Storage devices through the Steam Link, even if it's slow. I just want it to work.


I have something called "Windows Driver Package - VirtualHere Pty. Lt. (vhusb3hc) USB" installed on my PC that I'm streaming. So does that mean that Virtualhere is working? Should I actually see the USB devices that I'm using in the system tray? Like right now I'm using a USB Mic that has a headphone jack for audio. I can hear everything just fine, like if I play a video I can hear it, but my computer shows the muted symbol. This makes me think that I'm only utilizing some function of the Steam Link and not actually utilizing VirtualHere. If I understand this program at all, shouldn't it show my USB devices as if they were connected directly to my PC?


Hi, yes when you are streaming, minimize steam so you can see the desktop. VirtualHere should be running near the clock in the taskbar at the bottom right. If so open that by right clicking Show and then it should show the "Steam Link" listed there with the devices "In-Use" . Do you see that?


No, when I look in the bottom right there is nothing, even if I expand with the arrow. I also tried opening task manager and I don't see Virtualhere running. Also, I do not have any kind of prompts about software installing or USB devices connecting when I start streaming. These are all things I've been told are supposed to happen, but when I start streaming I see none of this happening. To me it seems that for some reason Steam is not being told to install Virtualhere. Maybe it's because I previously installed the standalone client free version and also installed through steam manually before I knew you weren't supposed to and that it wasn't necessary. I uninstalled both and did my best to remove any trace of them being previously installed. Really not sure what to do at this point.


Is there anything that could interfere with Virtualhere doing it's thing. Programs running as admin, streaming or security programs, etc? I have my firewall shut off and turned off my VPN and everything is hardwired. I know you don't troubleshoot advanced networking, but my setup is fairly simple. Although, I did play on a separate network. This may be obvious but it slipped by for me. Can virtualhere work on separate networks? I figured since Steam Link supports remote play that obviously Virtualhere would. That's not a problem is it?


OK yes thats the issue, virtualhere via steam wont run over the internet.


Ok that's a bummer. I guess I can refund it since I have no use for it now. I didn't see anywhere that that was a limitation. I was already thinking of switching to a desktop pc for a device to stream to. I'm not that interested in streaming games, I'm trying to set up a remote desktop that I can video edit with and can connect an SD card to USB and transfer data. Is there another version of Virtualhere that I can switch to that can actually be used for my use-case?


Sure, just normal virtualhere would work. Note that SD-card access will probably be pretty slow because of the latency over the internet


That's fine. It's just jpegs or possibly video clips. I'd move the files to the PC's drive instead of viewing from the SD. Also, I can relocate my PC to a Google Fiber location. It would be Fiber at both locations. 1-4 ms ping, 100mbps up/down. That's more than enough bandwidth and as good of ping as most people's home networks. Is there any way I can acquire a license for the standard version of Virtualhere? I don't know if I'd be able to return the steam version. I can probably return the DLC but I don't even know how long that would take to get back into my account. Just trying to start up a small business and I can't afford a second powerful computer.


Email me and ill sort it out mail [at]