Safenet token has no serial

Hi, Michael.
I'm trying to make USB server with 4 safenet tokens. (Windows server and client)
How can I identify and passwordprotect each token if they have no serial?
This field in log is empty

" (usbhub2)"
"Password ok"

I have tried to use path as device idetificator, but it changes when I unplug and plug any token back.


Yes i have a safenet token i use also to sign virtualhere when building it.

They dont have serial numbers (they should but dont) so you need to plug the token into the same port when you unplug/replug it, otherwise the address will change.

If you do make sure its always in the same port then you can use the address to qualify a particular device rather than having to rely on the serial.

(There is no other way to do this because these usb tokens dont follow the usb specification which says usb devices must provide a unique serial number.)