Virtualhere Synology DSM7 Password Authentication


I'd like to connect on virtualhere by using password authentication.

So I have edited the config file and created the file.

My config : DS220+ with DSM7
VirtualHere USB Server v4.3.2

My shell config :

GNU bash, version 4.4.23(1)-release-(x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)
Usage: /bin/sh [GNU long option] [option] ...
/bin/sh [GNU long option] [option] script-file ...
GNU long options:

My auth file :

# Example script for performing basic user authorization for virtualhere
# Also includes a simple password protection mechanism for accessing a device
# Return 2 if the user needs to provide a password (or the password is incorrect) to use the device
# Return 1 if the user is allowed to access this device
# Return 0 if the user is not allowed to access this device
# Parameters are passed in as:
# $1 = VENDOR_ID
# $3 = CLIENT_ID
# $4 = CLIENT_IP
# $7 = DEVPATH
logger "Authorizing -> '$1' '$2' '$3' '$4' '$5' '$6' '$7' '$8' '$9'"

if [ "$6" == "34819d7beeabb9260a5c854bc85b3e44" ]; then
echo "Password ok"
exit 2
exit 1

The problem is password box doesn't appear on my Windows client ; nothing's happen and the log file print 'Error binding device 11 [04b9:0300] to connection 2, BIND_PASSWORD_REQUIRED"

Auth file seem to be rightly used by the conf file because if I simply use "exit 1" command on file, I can connect to virtualhere correctly and if I use 'exit 0' I can't.

I also try to change the first line "#!/bin/sh" by "#!/bin/bash"

So, what do you think I can try now ?

Thanks per advance for your help




OK the windows client cannot be running as a service. In the virtualhere client, right click USB Hubs->Uninstall as service.

Its impossible to ask for a password if the virtualhere client is running as a service, so it needs to be running just as a normal program.