USB Server for TerraMaster NAS

Any chance we can see an updated USB server for TerraMaster NAS? The last version is 2.0 created in 2019. I have purchased a licence few years ago, but still having some issues. I am still in hope that we can see an updated version.


OK thanks for reminding me, i have emailed terramaster and will update the virtualhere app as soon as i can..


Wow, that's great news!!! It will definitely make my life easier. Keep up doing such an amazing job.


Yes it took me about a week to get them to respond but they are now working on putting the update into the TOS app center. So it should be available soon


Splendid ;-)


Nothing on the TerraMaster App Center as of today.

My TM hardware CPU is a Celeron 64-bit  (x86_64)   I'll try loading up a generic server tomorrow and report back on how it's working.


I have a terramaster F2-220 i test with and that shows VirtualHere in the Applications store in TOS. Double check if virtualhere is there.



What terramaster model do you have?


OK seems Terramaster has an OS 5 now, which virtualhere doesnt support. I will add this to my TODO list, but at the moment there is no VirtualHere app for Terramaster


Thank you Michael! Looking forward to it.