Set Port to 8080?


I know that in the purchased version the port can be set to any other and is not limited to 7575. Could I set it to http port 8080 also? Reason is that I could pass a firewall this way.



Yes thats fine.

1. Purchase the virtualhere server
2. Stop and exit the virtualhere if its running
3. Open the config.ini on the server and add the line


(You can also directly add in the license key like this, replace ... with the full string of the key e.g 1234560,0,someothercharacters)

4. Save config.ini and start the virtualhere server
5. Auto-Find in the client should automatically connect to the server
6. If you are not using Auto-Find, e.g you are on a different network to the server or over the internet then you need to manually specify the server in the client by right clicking USB Hubs->Specify Hubs ->Add and put in the ip address of your server colon 8080

For example:

Then it will connect via port 8080

(Note if your firewall is half decent then it will detect that the traffic over port 8080 is not HTTP and should block it, so it might not work)