Registration key tied to the server?


Howcome the registration is tied to the server and not the client? When I bought the key I used it on my tv box but since thats not working properly, I've tried install the server on my phone to use and it has the trial on.
Surly it should be tied to the Client rather than the server, because what happens if the hardware breaks with the server on it?


The license is linked to the SERVER not the client


I know that, that's what I said...but why though?.....if the server hardware breaks or becomes obsolete then theres no use of virtualhere anymore unless u buy another license. Granted it could happen to the client hardware but its more likely to happen to the server hardware breaking down since most clients are installed on the PC.

It would be good if you could make it transferable but only to connect to 1 server at a time so if anyone needed to change hardware then, the license would not be wasted.


Its clear on my website there are no transfers, thats the rule