Empty Descriptor for device!

I'm trying some obscure things with Virtualhere, but want to get a PS3 Eye webcam to work through Virtualhere. If I plug into the computer locally, it works great, but in Virtualhere it comes up with:

LOG_INFO Found Super speed device [0000:0000] "Omnivision Technologies, Inc." at address 1005

Followed up with:

LOG_ERR Empty descriptor for device at address 1005!

She. I check the device in windows under device manager it states:

"Unknown USB Device (Invalid configuration descriptor)"

I know the vendor ID is 1415, and the USB product ID is 2000, is there a way I could set that manually, or is there a different issue not letting this device pass through properly?


When a device comes up 0000 0000 that means it needs some firmware before it starts.

VirtualHere doesn't support devices that have that requirement, so it wont work via virtualhere unfortunately.