Client doesn't start automatically as service

Client doesn't connect automatically devices on reboot when run as service. And does not start automatically as service on reboot. Starts only if i add the app in the system properties of macOS in Users and Group settings. Is it correct or it should start without any config options?

Even if it starts automatically after additional configurations in system properties it does not connect devices before the moment you open the main window.


Yes it all works fine. I just tried it again on my MacMini M1 with MacOS 12.1

Dont do anything speical or setup special scripts.

1. Download the VirtualHere USB Client for MacOS Monterrey
2. Drag the dmg file VirtualHereUniversal to your Applications folder, run it from there, then Install as a Service.
3. Start the client again, right click on the Device you want to Use and select Auto-Use Device
4. Reboot your mac
5. It should boot up again and be automatically using that device