Problem in device nicknaming from client

I am using VirtualHere server version 4.3.3 and vhui client version 5.2.3. My problem is simple: I want to plug in a device to the server and then rename it by giving it a nickname using the UI client. This works as is, but when I restart the server, all the renamings are lost. When reading the documentation, I got the assumption that the server would write the nickname information to the config.ini file to persist the nicknames. I am hoping this would work so, but currently does not do it.

I am using a Linux Ubuntu OS in server and I start the VirtualHere server using the command: sudo ./vhusbdx86_64 -b -c config.ini

What could be the problem here?

I tried to write the nicknames manually to the config.ini and that worked to persist the nicknames after server restart, but for easy maintenance that is not a good solution.


Nevermind, I think I got it working now. The mistake was to use -c config.ini, without the absolute path to the config file. After starting the server using command:

sudo ./vhusbdx86_64 -b -c /home/user/virtualhere/config.ini

It seems to work now.