XCode Remote Debugging

I'm trying to use VirtualHere to enable my local XCode instance to connect to a remote iPhone. Although I can see the phone in my VirtualHere Client, and it shows up in System Report > USB I'm unable to see it inside XCode.
Virtual Here Server - macos Big Sur 11.6 / MBP 2014
Virtual Here Client - macos Monterey 12.2 /MBP 2019
XCode Version(running on client)- 13.2.1

Do you know if XCode debugging is supposed to work with VirtualHere? Is there something I'm forgetting to do? Thank you!



Unfortunately at the moment there is a bug in Monterey. Apple knows about it and is working on a fix


Michael, do you have any more information on this? Id like to access an iPhone in Xcode using a M1 running Monterey. The iPhone would be connected to a Windows 11 device running VirtualHere Server.


No, apple doesnt say any estimated time of a fix, i would hope its in 12.x something