Additional hotkey options on Windows

Hello! Let me begin by saying thanks for creating this great piece of software, I've been a customer for a little over 1.5 years and it's been super useful.

I just purchased another license for a new use case on Windows, passing my USB hardware from my local environment to a VM that's physically hosted in another part of the house. It's working great.

One challenge that I'm having is with the shortcut keys used to connect and disconnect devices. The shortcuts currently available (CTRL+0 to CTRL+9) are unfortunately not specific enough, and they conflict with existing shortcuts in common applications such as Google Chrome. I would love it if there were more granular options available such as the ability to select different keys, some combination of modifiers, etc. It doesn't have to be super complicated, even something like this would be a big step forward:

Thank you!


I can add ALT+0..9 and WIN+0..9 quite easily. Would that be ok? I want to try to keep it simple


hi Michael!

Win+0..9 would conflict with OS-level shortcuts that launch applications from the taskbar, so it probably wouldn't work well. ALT+0..9 would definitely be more helpful. And then any combination of modifiers (such as Ctrl+Alt+0..9, or Shift+Alt+0..9, etc) would be super useful as well, even as simple options from a list. Cheers! And thanks again for creating VirtualHere <3


Im glad you find virtualhere useful! Ive added ALT+0..9 to the hotkeys which will be available in the next build of the client 5.2.9 in a week or so. Available from here


The ALT+0..9 hot keys have been added to Client 5.2.9 now available from this website


Thank you very much, Michael. I appreciate the support.