server on macOS - cannot copy from server log


I just thought I would mention that it does not seem possible to copy from the server log - even when using the "copy to clipboard" button. I've tried a few other options too - selecting text, and right click>copy, or the same and Command+C, but nothing seems to work.

Perhaps this is an idiosyncrasy with this version/combination of OS/hardware. That is, I've noted each time the server starts up I am prompted to approve "oascript" , and I read on some other forum topic that is the result of something that has to be done differently now (vs VirtualHere under High Sierra on some older hardware that I was running until recently).

For reference: VirtualHere server (v4.3.6) under macOS (v12.1).

Cheers, and thanks again for creating this very useful tool!


Hi emcee, i will investigate this and fix in the next server release. Thanks for the feedback!


This is now fixed in 4.3.7 of the server