Iphone fail to install drivers in server without administration privileges

Hello, I have a problem to use an iphone on a windows desktop computer that I use as a server, in which I have access to the internet but I have restricted administrator privileges for creating folders and files.
When I try to use de iphone on the client computer, the server try to download the drivers but gives an error… I think that it would be because the limited privileges in the server one. And then the iphone gives connection error in the client and cannot be used.
I would like to know if I currently have administrator access, what would be the necessary drivers to install and be able to use the iphone, and where should these files be located?
That is to say, is there any option to download a driver package as complete as possible so that any iPhone or Android phone that we connect to the Windows computer that acts as a server, recognizes the device and the client does not have connection problems?

Thank you very much in advance


The server requires administrator privileges even after the driver is installed. So there is no way to run it without Admin


The server si running with other devices, even other android phones.
The privileges are established weekly and the program is running without problem then.
There is some possibility of knowing which drivers are installed and in which folder they are saved to try to make a copy of said files and force the use without depending on that connection and those privileges every time a new mobile phone that requires drivers is connected. Something standard and that covers the largest number of phones and cases. thank you very much in advance


VirtualHere doesnt support phone unlocking


I haven't said anything about unlocking phones. I just want them to be recognized and work on the client like they do on the server. I have already said that on a normal server the iphone has worked for me, but I need to do an offline installation of those drivers for a server that has a capable internet connection and some special privileges as well. Is it possible for you to tell me where to locate the driver files without the need for an instant connection to the internet when the phone is connected???
Thank you very much in advance


Have you purchased virtualhere?


No. I am testing the software to see if it is worth what I want to use it for


OK no virtualhere doesnt support phone hacking or unlocking, dont use virtualhere use some other software please


Yes, it works. your program works, but when you connected to, i.e. , an iphone, it does an automatic download and installation. My question is if it is possible to access those drivers so as not to need to do that automatic download and installation. That is, make that installation offline or manually by placing them in a specific folder


Sounds like you have an old version of the server. Download the latest from here and it doesnt download anything