Suddenly Disconnects

Hello, I'm Togamitsu, from Japan.
We have a PC (Windows 10) connected to a Wi-Fi router and a RaspberryPi.
The RaspberryPi has a USB printer connected to it.
The PC and the USB printer are connected and recognized via VirtualHere.
However, when I try to print, the printer suddenly disconnects from the server as far as VirtualHereClient is concerned, and printing fails.
Do I need to change any settings to make it work?


Try this:

In the virtualhere client, right click on the printer and select Custom Event Handler... and paste in this line then click OK


Now try to use the printer again via virtualhere


In addition, there was no problem when the PC and RaspberryPi were connected via a wired LAN through a router instead of a Wi-Fi router.


To add, the sudden disconnect is not the printer, but the entire hub.


Sounds like a power issue to me. Try using a separately powered usb hub between the pi and the printer


I suspected that too, and used a USB hub with a separate power supply between the pi and the printer, but it didn't work.
However, if it was a power supply problem, it would not have worked even with a wired LAN as I mentioned above, but it did.
In addition, when EasyFind was used in wireless LAN, it went well.


What does your latency look like. Perhaps its really big, In the virtualhere client, right click USB Hubs->About-Statistics

What is the range there?


When I checked the latency, it went from an average of 100ms to a maximum of 2000ms as soon as I started printing.
On the other hand, when connected with EasyFind, the latency was within 90ms even after the print started.
Why doesn't the latency become larger with EasyFind?
Is it because it is a VPN connection?


OK 2000ms is the issue. that is way too big. Even 100ms is very large for a local area wifi.

EasyFind uses UDP, Normal virtualhere uses TCP. Im not entirely sure why the UDP method is faster. There would be less "head of line" blocking in poor network conditions like yours.

For a local area wifi you should be getting in the range of 5ms latency. I think its your wifi network then. My guess is the printer is using large amounts of small packets which is choking your wifi network. I think you will need to use an ethernet cable and not wifi. Or get a server with a better wifi interface. (The pi4 wifi chip is not very good because its only 1T1R and it also only has a small chip antenna)