USB disconnects on my Nvidia Shield Pro

After plugging my USB drive into the back of my Nvidia Shield Pro and formatting it, I ran the VH server software and then ran the client software on my Windows 10 PC. The first thing Windows tells me is that I need to format the USB drive in order to use it. I get this message in spite of just having formatted it using the Shield. At any rate, the client software recognizes the server and I copy files to the USB drive. So far so good. But then I'd go back to the Shield and run the X-Plore file explorer and there is no sign of the USB drive. So I'd go over to Settings > Device Preferences > Storage and under USB drive is says "not connected". I saw online that some people suggest rebooting the Shield at this point in order to have it see the drive but that does not work. The drive still comes up as "not connected". I should also mention that the Windows File Explorer on my PC is showing the copied files on the drive letter for the USB drive. But the Shield refuses to see the drive after I've run your software and copied files to it. Why does Windows keep telling me that the drive is not formatted no matter how often I format it and why does it keep disappearing on the shield?


Are you remembering to select "Stop Using" after copying the files and finishing with the disk via virtualhere?


I don't remember reading about either of those in your instructions. At any rate, what does "finishing with the disk" mean? Where and how do I do that?


When you have finished copying files to your disk, stop using it via virtualhere by right clicking on the device in the virtualhere client and selecting "Stop Using"


I made sure that I selected "Stop Using" and there was no change to my original post. As soon as I get back to the Shield, there is no sign of the USB Hub on X-plore and under Settings > Device Preferences > Storage and under USB drive is says "not connected" Rebooting at this point made no difference again. Any ideas?


Did a live chat with Nvidia just now and they told me that this is an issue with the latest release of Android and they are working on it. So I guess I just have to wait. Until then, I can copy my files to the internal storage and copy them over to the usb hub as the internal storage fills up. Sucks but it's the only way to do this until the patch comes out. Thank you for your help Mike.


Ok thanks for letting me know.