0xA00F4241<CameraSwitchFailed> (0xC00DABE0)

Hi, I've got a USB Sony IMX290 sensor connected to my Astroberry Pi4 which I try to use on my Windows 10 system. When I activate the device in the client it starts to make a sound like ding-dong even though the client indicates that the device is "in use by you". If I start the Windows Camera program and try to switch from the internal laptop camera to the USB camera I get the message shown on the Subject line of this message. I've searched the net without luck. I also ran the Windows problem determination function but it was unable to find the cause to this. This is important to me as the sensor is used as guider camera on my scope mount. Grateful for any help.

VH Client 5.3.0, running as a service
VH Server 4.3.7, installed using https://github.com/virtualhere/script
/var/log/messages is empty


Can you try this app, and start with a lower resolution https://bustatech.com/webcamviewer-a-simple-viewer-for-webcam/

The reason for trying that app is that it allows you to set the resolution before enabling the camera.

and you must use ethernet for the connection between the pi4 and the network, not wifi , to minimize latency.


Well, the problem is not the webcam viewer, the problem starts when I activate the device i.e. "use this device" in the client. This is when the "ding-dong" sound starts, which seems to mean "trying-givingup-trying-givingup" etc. If I then use the Windows Camera app and flip to the secondary camera I can see in the upper righ-hand corner the symbol for the camera, which comes and goes away, comes and goes away etc. So it's definitely a problem in the server or the client.


I don't know if this info can be useful, but the client shows these properties for the device:

VENDOR: JinYan Electronics Co., Ltd.
PRODUCT: USB 2.0 Camera
PRODUCT ID: 0x6366

No one is using this device


I stumbled over this:

My Webcam doesnt work at the highest resolutions via VirtualHere?
You need to do this (or put it in a boot script) before starting the virtualhere server
echo 1000 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb

in the FAQ section and thinking it could have something to do with this problem so I tried the command but got Permission denied in response. Having no or very little knowledge of Linux I tried adding sudo in front with the same result. So how do I do this (if it may have something to do with the problem)? Btw, the sensor has 1024x768 pixels.


Sorry, the sensor resolution is 1920x1080, not 1024x768.


No, sorry, this didn't help. I carefully followed the description and the cat command showed 1024, I rebooted, installed the virtualhere_server but the problem persists in the Windows client.

(Btw, I also have another question: I don't want to keep installing and uninstalling the server as a service using the scripts by burghardt, instead I want to just start and stop the server when I want to use it. The reason is that when the server is active it seems to lock all COM ports so no other program can use them. But knowing nothing about Linux I wish to know how I can do this in a simple manner. Grateful for some tips. Thanks.)


OK well, i was hoping you could run webcamviewer to reduce the resolution and test this, but if you dont want to, there is no way forward here with the camera.

You can type

sudo systemctl stop virtualhere

sudo systemctl disable virtualhere

then to start you can type

sudo systemctl start virtualhere

See here for more info (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-t…)


you can stop the virtualhere server (using the command above)

edit the file /usr/local/etc/virtualhere/config.ini and add the line


That will enable the COM ports to be used on the pi if they are not being used via virtualhere.


I did what you suggested using the WebcamViewer program, but when I try to connect to "USB Camera", which it finds correctly, it just says "Please select a valid video device", regardless of resolution. But it does show the true resolution of the sensor 1920x1080, so I guess the client has some sort of contact with the device. I checked "System messages" but nothing there. Is there trace or log function that can be activated in the client that could shine some light on this?


There are no logs, however can you try this

Right click on the Camera in the VirtualHere client and select Custom Event Handler... and paste in exactly this line


then press OK. Now try to use the camera via virtualhere again. If that still fails then maybe i can use Teamviewer when you are there and have a quick look? Let me know.


Sorry for the delay on this. I tried what you suggested with the event handler but when I connect I get a sound pitch like 2-1-3 followed by 3-2-1 repeated a few times and then stop. But the client says "Sony IMS290 (used by you)" until I "stop using" the device (which results in 3-2-1).

As for a Teamviewer session, my guess is that you are in Australia so the time diff is 10hrs (I'm in Spain), so the best option for me would be late evening my time, say after 10pm, i.e. after 8am your time, would that be OK? I'm not sure how a Teamviewer session would help you but I guess you know ;-)


Yes im in brisbane australia GMT+10. if you could email me when you might be able to do a teamviewer that would be good.I generally work Mon-Fri 9-9