glitchy connection with some devices

i use the android server on an oculus quest 1 to connect an HTC vive facial tracker unit to my pc
this is basically just 2 IR cameras, but when i watch the feed it will have lots of visual artifacts, and is interfering with the tracking
any fixes for this, or tips to allow the software to have higher priority?


The oculus 1 only has 3 cpu cores (out of 8 total) that can run apps. The other 5 cores do stuff for the actual VR game etc. My guess is that it might be too much work for those 3 cpus to keep up. What model is your wifi router?


its a tp link archer a6


OK thats an ac1200 router, should be ok so it must be a cpu bottleneck..


oh.... dang
the tutorial i followed was for the quest 2 which runs on a qualcomm xr2 so i guess that its to be expected.
is there any way i can get a refund then? because i now will have no use for the hardware+software and ive spent near on 250$ on this all now, just for it to not work for me... i know you dont support refunds normally but i still want to ask


If you bought it through Play Store then there is a two day refund period


ah, yeah i didnt realize that it was on play store, i bought on this website so im guessing thats a no go for me