Windows 8, Not Responding Issue


I have installed the software on a Windows 8 x86 tablet and it seem to work properly, I was able to share a keyboard correctly. When I would connect an Epson printer it would detect it as an Unknown device and it wouldn't install the drivers for it like it would on Windows 7 machine where the same printer would work correctly.

I have removed the VirtualHere Drivers and tried to use the printer again but the program would hang on driver installation and it wouldnt let me install the virtual usb drivers or the printer.

I have tried to disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall but the issue still seems to be there. Also tried running as Administrator and rebooting several times, still nothing.

Is there anything I can do? I am using the RPi Server. I am currently trying on another clean Windows 8 tablet to see if I get the same issue.



I have tested on another machine and I get the same issue.

I have managed to install the driver running the service, by the time I try to install the printer it would only install it as an unspecified device but I do not get the actual printer as in Win7. WIn7 Would install the Unspecified device and the actual printer too. Other devices like a keyboard seem to work properly.


I will try recompiling the driver with the windows DDK 8.1 and let you know when the new build is ready...


Actually, the driver should already be compatible with windows 8. Could you give me access to port 7575 on that server and i will try with my windows 8 32-bit.. Email details if you can to mail [at]