Disconnect USB device on another computer

Hello !

It seems that support for disconnect an USB device from another computer has been dropped in v5.3.4
I tried to update the server, but no chance ...
I had to downgrade to v5.1.4 which is the one I used before, to get this feature back.

Setup is Raspberry Pi 3B+ with optimised server build and clients are on MacOS several versions from High Sierra to Mojave with client version 5.3.4
Didn't try with clients on MacOs 11 to 13

Can you fix this please ?



No that is not true. That feature is definitely there and would not be removed. Remember you need to start the client with the -a argument


Sorry it was my mistake, the server's update hadn't worked !
It was in version 4.2.0 wich is not working anymore with new client in the case I described before.
All good with last server version.

By the way, do you plan to add an update/auto-update function for the client, and maybe a Server's GUI with update possibilities to make its updates easier ?

Thanks for your reactictivity, alway making great job and great soft !


No there is no auto-update version of the client & server at the moment.