Cant get the server to ask for authorization.

Hey guys,

Im fighting an issue with my virtualhere server. I decided to protect my USB devices with a password to make sure no one will access them without the proper authorization.
So in my Config file i added this line.
clientAuthorization=C:/Users/FD/Virtualhereserver/auth.bat "$VENDOR_ID$" "$PRODUCT_ID$" "$CLIENT_ID$" "$CLIENT_IP$" "$PRODUCT_SERIAL$" "$PASSWORD$" "$DEVPATH$" "$NICKNAME$" "$NUM_BINDINGS$"

Pretty much the same line as in the example file.
Then i simply made the Auth.bat with the example file to see if it would do something that i can understand, but it will just let me connect no matter what.
All was done with virtualhere actually fully shutdown.
Here is what i have tried without luck

Ive downloaded the latest server version of virtualhere server. No change.
Deleted the config.ini to see if it was looking at a ini file in a different location, and it made a new one showing me its using the one in the folder.

But i can still access the devices without any issues. Its not making logs or anything either.
Wondering is enyone ever come across this?




Did you purchase virtualhere? Authorization only works for purchased servers.


OK that should work then. I double checked by doing this

1. Download the virtualhere server for windows
2. Run the server and the virtualhere client
3. The client shows the server, i enter the license key
4. I stop and exit the virtualhere server and edit the config.ini file in the same path as the exe and add this line:

ClientAuthorization=c:/users/michael/downloads/auth.bat "$VENDOR_ID$" "$PRODUCT_ID$" "$CLIENT_ID$" "$CLIENT_IP$" "$PRODUCT_SERIAL$" "$PASSWORD$" "$DEVPATH$" "$NICKNAME$" "$NUM_BINDINGS$"

5. Create a new auth.bat file in the same directory and put in the example from here

6. I start the virtualhere server, when i try to use a device it pops up a password dialog as expected

Another thing to note that if the virtualhere client is running as a service it *cannot* ask for a password, its not possible so you must run the client normally


I'm indeed running out as a service. So that might explain it. Let's hope the others are not :p


The client will automatically reject the Use if its running as a service and requires a wont allow the device to be used, so i think you have some other issue besides running as a service.